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  • New Warehouse Functionality – Pallet Putaway (PPA)

    Posted: October 16th, 2017

    Eagle Consulting & Development: New Pallet Putaway Warehouse Transaction

    Eagle Consulting & Development continues to build upon our library of key transactions, adding solutions to enable more efficient processes for QAD customers.  Complementing our extensive existing transaction list is the new Pallet Putaway Transaction (PPA), a specialized version of the RF Pallet Move.  Simple setups are used to assign items to Primary and Secondary Warehouse Zones.  A Zone is a group of Locations.  These setups allow items to be logically grouped together to facilitate efficient putaway and picking.

    This solution allows customers to locate Items numbers that are often picked for the same Work Order or Sales Order near each other to facilitate efficient picking – compared to having the inventory randomly scattered throughout the warehouse.  Also, the open Location directed putaway quickly gets the material handler to an open pallet bay in the right zone for the Item (primary or overflow).

    PPA is available as a standard transaction.  For more information on this transaction, please contact your consultant or account manager.